Pre First Year Classes

Punjab Group of Colleges offers Pre First Year Classes to the result awaiting students who have completed their matriculation. This is an opportunity for these students to get an early start at their intermediate preparation. Through these pre-classes students get acquainted with their intermediate syllabus and are able to stay ahead in their knowledge.

Pre First Year Classes are free at PGC as they allow students to secure their seats for admission in regular intermediate, thus any charges taken at the time of their registration are later adjusted in tuition fee of the students.

Punjab Group of Colleges Introduces Free Pre First Year Classes

The Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) introduces preparation for Intermediate Exams (FSc) online for all students. PGC’s initiative of providing pre first year classes online will allow students to prepare for their examinations more effectively at home with no monetary costs and academic disruptions. Efficient understanding and learning for intermediate is very important as it ensures a bright and prosperous future for young students. PGC beliefs that all students deserve the best quality education; hence, these free pre first year classes are available for all students. Free pre first year online classes will be a teaching and learning environment offered via internet (a computer mediated communication system), surpassing the facilities of the traditional classroom.

Why Pre First Year Classes are Important?

Pre first year classes are necessary for all students to motivate them in their studies and providing them a proper direction for choosing top fields in the future. Preparing for intermediate exams in advance, aware the students of their potential, making them familiarise with the syllabus and exam process and making them confident.

Following are the reasons that make pre first year classes essential:

  • Evaluating and grading students pre first year classes provide a controlled environment for independent learning
  • Motivating students to study Students usually open their books more often when evaluations are constantly happening, hence, pre classes and test can be great motivators
  • Adds variety to student learning Pre Classes are a form of learning activity. They enable students to see different perspectives and provides with critical feedback to improve their understandings
  • Identifies weaknesses and corrects them Pre Classes allow both students and teachers to identify which areas need more attention, enabling student progression and improvement

How pre first year online classes will benefit you?

Free pre first year classes available online are a consistent form for learning. There are a number of ways to use and prioritize your preparation for intermediate. As they are accessible for all students through the internet, students and teachers are both actively involved in creating and carrying out learning activities such as, group discussions, sharing of solutions to homework problems by emails and chat rooms.

Moreover, following are the advantages of the pre first year online classes for students:

  • Developing students self-learning ability
  • Encouraging inquiry learning process, students learn knowledge by self-exploration of the questions
  • More open-ended, allows all students to participate equally without being shy
  • Saves travel cost and energy