e Learning Courses & the Launch of EL by PGC

The ultimate evolution of learning process is the advent of eLearning solutions. Gone are the times when students had to rely on classroom lectures and resort to rote learning.

All students struggle with bundles and bundles of books and the drill of having to carry them around. Students even compete on the subject of how thick your book is? When discussing preparation and completion of course work they ask which page are you on or how many pages have you covered?

Dawn of handouts and notes came. Students were able to put aside the heavy books and go through the pile of notes instead. However, notes can be easily lost. They can be damaged and also cannot be solely relied on. This is where the need for e learning platform emerges.

Students cannot be expected to understand and learn what is written in the books and the notes by themselves. The classroom lectures remain a very crucial part in the process of learning. Importance of classroom lecture remains forever intact. It is a lecture given by the teacher that completes a very significant part of teaching and learning, as it is a major way of teaching. Students who miss a classroom lecture struggle to keep up with their syllabus. Although even if they try hard to maintain a regular attendance record they still somehow need reinforcement of all those lectures for their revision.

This is where e learning programs come in handy!

In Pakistan, tuition culture is very deeply rooted. It has now become a very commonly accepted phenomenon. Students seek home tuition or visit tutors at their home for their preparations and to revise lectures.  Hence the streets of the country are full of academies and tutors available. The academies have taken so much hold of study system that they are considered to be a major prerequisite of  educational success.

What if all the lectures and notes were converted into e learning resources?

Going for tuition every day after taking all your classes in the day is no easy. Not all students can pull it off. Not all have the extra money to pay for that. Plus these tutors are not always available at your service. A student can need to redo and relearn the course at any time, for any test or even the night before exam.

e Learning System

Since this is an age of digitalization and technical  innovation, today an online search is our first go to place for anything and almost everything. Therefore, a search for e learning courses began. It is now a natural need of students. In this modern age where all good and useful things are one click away, education must be no exception.

e Learning Courses

Naturally e learning system of education is now very much part of the teaching and learning process. Many educational platforms emerged with the facility of online educational resources for the students of modern era. Among the platforms present in Pakistan, the largest educational network of the country introduced a detailed and comprehensive e learning portal consisting of thoroughly planned in-depth study materials.

Punjab Group of Colleges started offering online study materials at el.pgc.edu. This online system included interactive video lectures and other electronic resources beneficial for the students. When it comes to e learning design has to be very catchy and must communicate to the student exactly what should be communicated. The material offered by Punjab Group made a revolutionary change in the lives of students by providing them all they needed for their learning online.

The modernization of education and the advancement of study resources has not end here with PGC. Evolution of teaching and learning process continues and also their methodologies. The technology is improving day by day and with this growth e learning tools are also changing.

Ever since smart phones came into our hands and social media apps became part of our lives, students did not waste no time to utilize what they had in hands for their study needs.

The Smartphone generation which is also social media freak, started creating online study groups where they could exchange notes and discuss their syllabus. Doing this they were able to get the help of their friends and teachers available but it involved investment of time. The major drawback of this exercise is the distractions present on such platforms. Students easily get distracted in group discussions and end up wasting very important hours or sometimes even loose all the information if the group chat gets compromised.

Thus, the need for elearning training became crucial. A change of trend was due and students were needed to be directed towards accessing reliable and authentic study resources. Punjab Group of Colleges took this matter into consideration and launched its very own e-Learning app.

Launching an educational app which covers all the needs of students is indeed a revolutionary step. Modern culture has very much involvement of mobile apps and people everywhere have made them very much a part of their lives. Students are all the more prone to this change of life style. Mobile app today is one of the most easiest and handiest elearning solutions.

Students who want to study at home without any tuition or help can now be at ease. The hassle of searching online for e learning courses is also not required anymore. “EL by PGC” the mobile app which covers all that you need is now only a download away from you. Through this app everything you may require will be in your hands, wherever you may be.

Download now!

Importance of Education in Life

Well! well! well! We all know how important education is. The pursuit of education is one of the most crucial aspect of life. Education is what empowers us. It gives us the knowledge of the world and allows us to experience life in all its wonderful colors. One cannot truly enjoy living without knowing the wonders surrounding, to just live is not actually living and only enlightenment makes one feel alive.

Education is what differentiates man from animals. Its teaches us how to socialize and most importantly it humanizes us. It is due to our learning that we are able to engage and interact with our environment. All the rich resources found in the nature would be of no use to the humanity if there was no enlightenment on how to utilize them.

Importance of Education in Developing Countries

When it comes to developing countries, their future is very much dependent on the education of their coming generations. Education of the nation determines the roles they may play for the strength and progress of their country.  Priority of all developing countries is to improve their educational resources. Providing enough educational opportunities to the nation is foremost requirement of these countries. It is only with education any country can have productive workforce and fruitful individuals that contribute in its growth.

Importance of Education For Children

Children are the future of any country. When the children get proper education, they grow up to be responsible and productive citizens. Children are like seeds that need to be nurtured with quality education. Education for children is a necessity in this ever growing world. Getting education is the birth right of every child.

We humans are more receptive to learning in our growing years. What we learn as children remains with us for importance of education in life. All the knowledge we gain in our developmental stages that builds a foundation of what we learn in our later years. Good education can lead to a strong mind set and healthy cognitive make up. Thus, the education that is to be provided to children has to be carefully monitored.

Importance of Education in Student Life

Youth of any country holds the key to its future. The youngsters need to understand the value of getting education. An individual can only live a complete life with education. You can experience all that is there in the world if you have education. It is needed that when our youth is in its student life they should be made understood that what they are learning is the building block to their future.

It is a duty of every student to take the education very seriously and not to compromise on the hard work and dedication towards this cause.



Importance of Education in Society

In any society, its social culture is dependent upon the education of the members. Being educated places a person on a higher rank in the society. People give respect to those who are well educated. It is only through education that any society can be reformed and made civilized.

In modern day world a good and healthy functioning society is an educated society. Any society needs well educated and well aware people to shed the stereotypical norms and the unjustified traditions of the ancient times for better development of the people towards necessary advancements.

Education is Important for All

From all that has been said above it can be concluded that education is very important. All the world pursues education. Each and every individual needs education to live life to the fullest. To better interact with our surroundings and to make the most of our life span, education is essential.

You pick any of the articles on education and the only thing they all point towards is that education makes the most important thing a human needs. Being illiterate deprives you of the beauty the world enfolds in each and every little thing. Sadly. the world still is yet to recognize how much education changes one’s life.

The importance of education in life is so much that it changes the life of a person entirely. Being educated makes you productive individual. Literacy helps you engage with fellow humans and the workings of the world to allow you to experience it in a more better way.

Education in Pakistan

Pakistan being a developing country needs to work on its education system. Punjab Group of Colleges understood this basic need of every Pakistani citizen and began to contribute in this regard.

The Group started with a single college and today it is the largest quality education providing network. The network not only runs 390 college campuses in more than 100 cities of the country but also offers higher education at its 3 chartered universities. Punjab Group of College proudly offers education from play group to PhD. Through 1038 Allied School, 15 Resource Academia Schools: Punjab Group makes education accessible for children and with 306 EFA Schools the Group ensures “Education for All”.

Best Study Strategies to Boast Learning

When it comes to learning, there are some factors on which successful retention of knowledge dependent upon. Good learning is catalyzed by effective study strategies. Best study strategies such as regular revision, practical application, and assessment tests help students to learn and to remember what they study.


Best Study Strategies

We all are familiar with the importance of education, learning, and knowledge. The main thing that it all requires is studying. To learn what is taught, to retain all the education and to have the right knowledge we need effective study strategies.

There are no standard rules for the students on how they should study. However, there are a few study methods that have proven to be very useful for many students over the course of years. Most reliable recommended and effective study methods include revision, practical application, and assessments.

Best Study Methods

Students are always advised to study hard. The ways of study, however, vary student to students. Some of us study through the night. In these times most of us students are night owls or we just for some reasons remember more if we burn the midnight’s oil. Although the elders suggest we study in the early morning. The fresh dawn has some good effect on mental health.

Before we dig into all the study strategies we could opt for, we should look into developing some good study habits. The study techniques we apply have to be paired with our study habits in a way that they complement each other.

There are a few study skills for students that help them master the knowledge they need to keep. Effective study strategies are paired with individual student habits and their drive towards learning to produce desired results.

Regular Revision:

One the most advised and useful study tips is to do the revision of the daily study material. To sustain what is being taught one should make it a habit to go through the everyday lessons.

The regular revision is what helps to get done with most of the learning process by the end of the term Regular revision takes off much of the study load. This also keeps one ready for any kind of exams and assessments. Among all the study strategies that have ever been recommended, regular revision stays at the top because it has been tried and tested.

In order to make sure that you do your regular revision and to make it a little more easier and effective you can follow the study tips given below:

  • Try scheduling your daily routine. You may use some planning system or maybe create your own calendar.
  • Keep your timetable open to accommodate any emergencies so that you can be prepared for taking it up beforehand.
  • Make it a priority to get done with things you need to on requirement basis.
  • Give yourself a break! Yes, you do deserve to take a break from all the studying. Make sure to accommodate the activities you enjoy.
  • Cross check the notes to make sure that you are not missing out on anything important.
  • Break it in chunks to make the learning process faster and to memorize the topics. Procrastination is the enemy when it comes to regular revision. Find motivation to avoid it.
  • Find your spot where you can study in peace and sit comfortably.
  • Know what’s important so you can revise that first.
  • Break the cycle of nonstop studying by taking short break every couple of hours.
  • Get yourself a study group which is productive and helpful for your revisions.
  • Don’t miss your classes as it is very essential to understand what you are learning and to keep up with your daily course work.
  • Know what’s important and what do you need to look into other than your text book.
  • Be ready for class discussions.
  • Ask questions in class to get your concepts cleared.
  • Go offline while you do your revision do not get distracted by internet.
  • Compare and contrast your lectures with what you read in the text book and all your notes.
  • Remember your key words the ones that are important and highlight the main topics.
  • Make mind maps, clusters or periodic divisions or the topics to pace up the learning.
  • Learn to skim and scan for effective and fast reading to save time.
  • Focus on the main idea of what you are studying.
  • Come up with the summary of all you need to remember.

Practical Application:

To practice what we learn reinforces it. The more we do things by hand the more we understand them. Hands on learning practice can aid the mental sustainability.

To apply the theory into practice has been another scientifically proven study method. Out of all the study strategies, this one adds skill to the students. This includes practically applying knowledge and also practicing by hand whatever that is learned.

Practical implementation leads students towards a cognitive understanding of how things work. The doing by hand teaches the functioning and improves chances of mental retention.

Assessment Tests:

The assessment tests are no longer just a grading criteria. They have become a major study strategy recognized by many institutions. Students these days join academies where they can take assessment tests to prepare for the ones they will be graded upon. These tests are also known as practice tests.

It is among very highly recommended best study strategies that to prepare for the exams through self-assessment tests. Taking tests can help the students identify their weaknesses. When they test their knowledge they get to know what they need to work on.

The assessment tests have proven to be one of the most effective study methods. Taking quizzes attempting sample papers to analyze ones preparation is the best thing to do. To attempt practice question papers, especially the past papers prove to be very helpful since they give students a taste of what the will be facing in the exams.

Self-testing by making your own question paper is always among approved and good study habits. Do time bound practice without cheating while attempting your assessment tests so you know how you will work under pressure during the exam time.

Check yourself like an examiner and grade yourself as strictly as you can to get the idea on how far ahead you need to be with your preparations. Strive as hard as you can before you have to take your final exams to save yourself from any set back.

Intermediate Board Result 2017

Intermediate 1st Year Results 2019


The clock is ticking. Your fate is still in your hands. After your first year you will still have a second chance. Your 1st year result 2019 will be out soon. You can visit us as soon as the results are declared and see what you scored.

We wish all the best to the students from all the subject groups for their first year FSc Result, first year Commerce Result, first year General Science Result, first year Arts Result and all others.

Result are out, What Next?

Intermediate 1st Year Result Date 2019

When the young teenagers appear in their intermediate examinations part 1, they are faced with some mixed emotions and multiple challenges. The freshmen in college our somehow naïve and vulnerable to the sudden change of environment and a whole new exposure. In these circumstances and among a storm of overwhelm only some of the young students survive and others fail to keep up with the pace of overflowing changes.

The inter first year results 2019 are expected to be declared soon.  It is time to see how many of the students have been barely able to stay on track and how many of them shine in their performance.

Note down your Intermediate part 1 results 2019 date!

Students awaiting the 1st year result date 2019 will know how far they have come and how hard they need to work in their 2nd year.

1st Year Result 2019 Date

As per the announcement from HSSC the first year result date is expected be 10th October 2019.

Once the results of inter 1st year 2019 are out, students can head on to plan their next step and set goals to get further with their journey. After the inter 1st year results students will know how much score they need in their part two to get into the professional institute of their desire. You can easily calculate the aggregate you need to make including your entry test score. This is the right time for you to map out the right direction.  Choose the right path and look into your options for your entry test preparation. Make sure to step towards a brighter future!

Punjab Group of Colleges, the largest educational network in Pakistan offers a strategic and tactical entry preparation programme named STEP, exclusively for all those students aspiring to get admission in high ranking professional institutes.


Intermediate 2nd Year Results 2019


PGC Clinches 148 Top Positions in All Intermediate Boards-17

This a most awaited moment for the students expecting their Board of Intermediate Results 2020, is almost around the corner. Students will soon get to know the results of all their hard work. Every year the students access their results through the arranged online platforms by the board of intermediate education. Some prefer to visit their college for the results and others go to check the gazettes in the market.


What if you could check your inter results on your own college website?

A major lot of youth passes intermediate board from PGC- the largest educational network in Pakistan every year. The Punjab Group offers its students a systematically monitored environment that guides them through every stage of their educational journey. The network aims to facilitate its students to the maximum level and has decided to offer the ease through the final steps of their educational journey.

The board of intermediate results for the year 2019 are expected to be announced soon. This year Punjab Group of Colleges brings you the facility to check your board result on your very own college website.

Higher Secondary Education Board has announced the result date and as soon as the results come out you can visit our website and check your 2nd year result 2019.

Intermediate Results 2019 Date

The date of Intermediate Board Result this year is 12th September 2019.

When it comes to Bise Result, Punjab Group of Colleges have a tradition of maintaining excellence.  Be it FSc Result: Pre medical or engineering, or ICOM, ICS, and FA, all the intermediate programs that are there our students have outshined in their performance in all of them.

We wish all our students the very best for Intermediate Board Result 2020. All our students have been striving for excellence with us for past two years. It is indeed a moment of great pride for us to see a majority of the youth passing out from our colleges throughout the country.

Our excellent results over the past 32 years have created our Story of Glory. The PGC’s Story of Glory narrates the year by year achievements by our proud students. Let us see how many of our bright students outshine this year in their Board of Intermediate 1st Year Results 2018.

Will be the next chapter in our Story of Glory?

Find out your final Intermediate Board Result at the ease of one click.

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3 overall top positions in BISE Lahore Result ’17


24 Top Positions in BISE Lahore Result ’17


24 Top Positions in BISE Gujranwala Result ’17


13 Top Positions in BISE Multan Result ’17


16 Top Positions in BISE Sahiwal Result ’17


16 Top Positions in BISE Rawalpindi Result ’17


14 Top Positions in BISE Bahawalpur Result ’17


13 Top Positions in BISE Sargodha Result ’17


12 Top Positions in BISE Faisalabad Result ’17


3 Top Positions in BISE DG Khan Result ’17


Benefits of a 4 Year Bachelor Degree

The 4 year bachelor degree is becoming a wise and modern degree option for the students who want to graduate. These programs are not only beneficial for the students due to the weightage they have among educational criterions but also their recognition by the job market. The best 4 year degrees offer the students options to opt for a variety of courses from all areas of interest and subject categories.


Semester System:

A bachelor degree that is divided into 8 semesters allows you to enjoy 4 years of college. This is one of the great advantages of these degree programs that they are divided into semesters. The semesters take a course of 4- 6 months to complete. Each semester is divided into two halves. The first half of a semester covers a selected portion of the syllabus and is tested with the midterm examination.  The second half is the final term and the course covers a different syllabus.

It makes studying easier when the exams are shorter and are based on a less amount of syllabus. The final examinations mostly include only 5% of the midterm course or sometimes zero. Although there can be exception due to subject demands and you may have to revise your entire midterm course also for your final exams.

Credit Hours:

The 4 year bachelor degree is based on a credit hour system. There are a specific number of credit hours each student has to complete to be able to graduate. The numbers of courses you take during the 4 years of college are all credited with a specific number of classes you need to take that complete the course.

The credit each course gives you is predefined by the program. Some institutions allow you to choose for the courses you like for each semester with only a few compulsory courses. You can choose to take more and less credits semester wise to complete your degree within the given time frame. However, there are institutes which offer a predefined roadmap that you follow to complete your credits in an ease within your 4 years of college.

Majors & Minors:

One of the best benefits of a 4 year program is that the students get to study a variety of subjects during the course of their studies. There is not only a choice of major subject but also a wide range of electives is available to opt from. Students get a diverse experience of education through the different subject combinations they are able to study while getting a 4 year bachelor degree.

However, there are institutes which have a predefined subject combination for their degree programs which students have to study during each of their semester. These institutions still make sure to add a different range of subjects in the first two years of the degree program to offer a more comprehensive and diverse education.

Grading System:

The study methodology of a 4 year bachelor degree program includes an interesting combination of assessments. Students who study in the semester system get a much focused education which helps to develop the required skills in them for their good professional training.

In a 4 year bachelor program students are not only graded on their performance in the examination but also on the assignments, quizzes, and presentations they do. Students do dread all these things yet these are the things of most advantage to them.

Assignments allow research and in depth analysis of the subject. Students are free to do them with the help of others and external resources. Quizzes are mostly short and are a good way to boost the memory. Doing well in a quiz can lead to a good total score. Presentations are very interactive and they help develop communication skills while boosting confidence. Students are given a chance to experiment and get creative about how they want to present their ideas. Mostly the presentations take place in groups. The group presentations are a great way to learn and to improve the social skills of the students. They can learn and get a great deal of help by working with a group of fellow students who are bright and have fresh ideas. It is very important for the students to choose their group members wisely and partner with those who uplift them rather than dragging them down.

Click here to learn about some of the best 4 year degrees

Specialization options in 4 year bachelor degree:

This four year college degree helps you step out in the market as a professional with a qualification that makes you just the right candidate for job positions in the field of your major subject. With a vast variety of majors, you can become a professional in any desired field.

Major areas to choose from for your 4 year bachelor degree:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Communication Systems
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Journalism
  • Mass Communication
  • Architecture
  • Literature
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Art
  • Design
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Education

Opportunities for University Admission 2017

The decision of university admission 2017 is a critical one for the young students who have their whole life depending on it. Somehow all of the educational stages make a very crucial and demanding stage. With every passing year, new opportunities are coming and the market demands are changing. All the generations have to face these same yet new challenges according to their time.


Every year there is a fresh batch of youngsters who are faced with a decision to get admission. These days the most crucial time is between the intermediate and the university. That is where the professional career is mostly defined or the line of specialization is chosen.

Career Direction

The university admission 2017 is open for the students who have cleared their intermediate. It is a very life changing decision for the students to choose the right undergraduate programme and to select a good professional institution. In Pakistan somehow the youngsters remain clueless about what they really want to do or what could be the right career direction for them. Mostly the parents set a direction for their kids based on their own experiences about what field pays the best or what career is the most respected one.

Punjab Group of Colleges being the largest educational network in Pakistan has taken a crucial step to resolve this issue faced by the country’s youth. The lack of career counseling platforms and the availability of the right information were detrimental factors for the students. Not knowing about the options, not having access to the right information, not knowing who to ask which questions is a very tough situation that youngsters have to face. The Punjab Group took a great measure to resolve this situation and to offer a major improvement in this crisis by establishing a Student Advisory and Counseling Department (SACD). The department has well trained motivational speakers and information officers to assist the students with anything and everything they need to pursue the right career direction.

You can call the helpline of the Group at 0800 78608 to seek the career counseling. The great advantage of SACD is that it allows students to learn about all the important dates of admissions and deadlines. This all takes place alongside STEP, the entry test preparation programme of PGC. The social media channels of STEP are very informative for all those students planning for university admission 2017. Students get updated about all the important dates and stay informed about the different career opportunities through various means.

Youngsters never really get the chance to explore their abilities or to give flight to their own inner passions. Parents somehow have their future predefined ever since the children start their school. The very reason that students find themselves struggling to find the institutes to get admission in or choosing the right programme is the lack of decision making practice and guidance. Same is the case when it comes to bs admission 2017.

The problem is the unavailability of career guidance and other helpful resources. We have no trend of sitting down and actually think about all the pros and cons of choosing a career path while the students are still in school or college. We only think about it when the actual time comes and most of the youth finds itself struggling or lost when this time arrives upon them.

University Admission 2017

This year a major lot of youngsters have recently cleared their intermediate. It is alarming to see that a great number of students have failed to clear their examination and will be faced with a set back on their career journey. Again this also points out towards the lack or guidance and proper training resources. The struggle for failing students is very evident yet the struggle for the successful students is no less tedious.

Students looking for BS admission 2017 are facing a dilemma that puts them in grave difficulty. Having to apply for the right programme at the right institution at the right time is something that requires a lot of research and thinking. Going through a long list of programmes being offered in so many potential institutes is very overwhelming for young minds.

The admissions are currently taking place at various institutions and are expected to carry on until the end of October. While the undergraduate admission 2017 is ongoing the postgraduate admissions are also open alongside. The students who are ready to start their post graduate education are also in pursuit of the suitable higher degree programmes. The mba admission 2017 is very much in demand.

Students looking for a good programme can visit this link for mba registration 2017

The trend of Business Degree is rising as the demand for the admission in BBA has increased. The Business Schools are competing for their higher ranking and the criteria for admission in the higher education programmes are getting tougher.

There are many good programmes emerging to be the new market need. The world trends are getting more diverse and the fields of education are becoming more and extensive. Every year some new degree programmes and areas of specialization are being introduced because of the growing world needs. Now there are not just few conventional degrees to be pursued but rather there are options available for the students to be able to experiment and explore new avenues.

Today it is not just the profession of Doctor and Engineer the only options for students. There is a vast range of subject areas being explored. The job market is opening up to people from various fields of interest. The globalization has led to the advancement in research and other areas which make room for people to be able to contribute in many areas of development, business, communication, innovation, information, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism, digitalization, sociology, psychology, economics, commerce, accounting, finance, computing, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, arts, humanities etc.

The trend of a degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is on rise due to the advancement in of science specifically the technology. Innovation is the new magic of 21st century. Today the high tech innovative skills are as good as magic. People with a good grip on technology and innovative skills are capable of inventing newer and fresher tools to make life smarter and easier. There is a high market demand for tech savvy professional who have a good grasp on the modern tools and are skilled to master inventions.

Modern digital age calls out for more and more work force to be able to contribute to the internet based market. The smart apps the mobile tools, the computer skills, the programming techniques, the high tech system handling is what the growing world needs. Each and every business is attached to the technology and its smart usage. The admission in BSCS degree and the admission in BSIT is one of the most demanded sort after career.

If you are a young student and looking to get into some good degree programme for university admission 2017 then you should definitely look into all the great options open to you. Make sure that you take proper career guidance before you take this big step. Do your homework with good research and learn about all the new upcoming market demands that you may be want to contribute in by becoming useful workforce.

How to Start College Life

College, the very name of the place has somehow fascination attached to it. College life is glorified and glamorized in such a way that students expect it to be something liberating and amazing. Starting a college is not a piece of cake nor it is some journey to a haunted space, it is period of transition from teenage to adulthood. It can be the most influential, most beautiful and most learning experience of your life.


Advice for College Students

Starting college can be overwhelming and the new environment can also prove to be somewhat challenging. First of make sure you have all the things you need for college and by that I don’t just mean material things.

College students need good emotional and psychological training to cope up with the sudden transition in their lives. The change of environment and the new found freedom can be overwhelming to great extent. The liberty that comes from being in college can cause the students to get attracted towards outlawed behavior. Young Freshmen need good guidance and counseling during their beginning of college life to keep themselves away from getting distracted from their education.

Things College Students Need

You don’t just need to know what to pack for college and to shop for the right essentials. You also need some mental preparation, some soul searching, and some moral boosting before you enter the college world. The college necessities are not only the objects but also abstractions like goal setting. What you need for college is that you make up your mind for the challenges to come.

List of things you need to start college life:

  • You are going to need a college survival guide.
  • If you are going to be staying in hostel than get a college dorm checklist. Because a dorm room checklist may save you from being left high and dry at a strange and new place.
  • For freshmen, college classes may get really hectic and boring but they need to keep in mind why college is important.
  • Remember to keep a water bottle with you when you are packing for college. It is good to stay hydrated and going near the water cooler at college on your first day isn’t exactly safe if you want to avoid pranks.
  • The college freshman should not have high hopes for the college life to be like some movie they watched. Students should not fantasize about college life and should clear their head of any expectations.

How to Be Successful In College?

When it’s time to begin the college phase, a student should sit down and take some time and ask oneself “what do i need or how to start college life?” As for a young teenager going to college can seem a very liberating idea. For the students going to college, advice is a must on the subject of how to start a college. There is no second though to the fact that these during the freshman year of college the youngsters need some college tips.

A very wise advice for students who are young and are starting college life is that they should set a goal. For the freshman, advice is to work towards a mission to become something. When you have your passions defined and your goals set, nothing can keep you from pursuing the path of excellence.

What Is College Life?

Life in college is thought to be meant for exploring freedom and is supposed to bring liberation. However, the time to be spent in college is a very crucial one in a student’s journey towards career building.

The college freshman year is not meant to have fun. The new people you get to meet are not all your friends. When you start college life you should choose your friends very wisely. Who your spend time with defines your college experience.

The company you choose would either motivate you to work hard and excel or either distract you from the studies and you would end up idling away your time. The college experience is not in skipping classes and sneaking out of college but it is in taking your classes and cherishing all the little moments inside your college and participating in the life that has come to you.

Tips for College Students

One advice for college freshmen is that they should read some good tips on college survival. You will find many people who will tell you how fun college can be. What you need is some healthy tips for college freshmen that they could use to be successful in college.

Here are some college success tips that you can follow:

  • Read a good book that contains some good advice for college students.
  • Consult a college freshman checklist for a head start.
  • Set your own mission.
  • Work on your vision.
  • Eyes on the prize.
  • Remember your goals.
  • Don’t be a push over.
  • Never miss classes
  • Say no to procrastination.
  • Participate in collage activities.
  • Be active in class.
  • Make friends with intelligent people.
  • Stay focused.
  • Explore opportunities around.
  • Make it a habit to spend time in your college library in your free time.
  • Take a nap at college mosque when tired to recharge for the next class.

Does It Matter Where You Go To College?

Remember the life college gives you is your preparation for the life university may bring.  When you are in your college, if where you are studying is a good college then the chances are that half of the work you should be doing is being taken care of or is being laid out to you by your college set up.

College education is not complete without proper college life exposure. A good college takes into consideration all the factors and essentials a young student may require to be successful at college. The college is supposed to offer an all rounded experience that allows the students to enjoy their college life to the fullest yet enabling them to achieve their goals without compromising their education and future.

Punjab Group of Colleges, the largest educational network in Pakistan has maintained a systemized setup at its colleges across the country. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the college phase for the youngsters The Group has specifically emphasized on the disciplined system of education. The institutes carry out a monitored academic year which accommodates a lot of fun and recreational activities in the academic calendar without compromising education.

The institutes are very much important in playing their role for the success of students at college. A college should look into the needs of young students and allow them to have fun and enjoy their college life so they don’t feel the need to skip classes and stay out of the college campus. College campuses must have good recreational options for the students to spend their free time. Students societies should be made very active and arrange various platforms for the students to explore themselves and their hidden talents. For example, there are a number of societies active at Punjab Group of Colleges that provide a very engaging and fun platform to the students. These societies are so encouraging and well managed that they hold a track record of enhancing the talents of some great superstar artists in glamor industry, music industry and the cricket world as well.

Education System in Pakistan

Education System in Pakistan has always been a subject of great importance when it comes to the country’s development and progress. Looking at the situation of current literacy rate in the country, there are some educational initiatives taken by a few institutions that have led to an improvement in its overall situation. The Largest Educational Network in Pakistan operated by Punjab Group of Colleges is contributing towards making education accessible in the country.

Education issues and problems

Education issues and problems involve the inaccessibility of the right resources. In Pakistan education facts very clearly indicate that the major factor that is effecting literacy is the unavailability of quality education in many areas. That is one of the major drawbacks of education system in pakistan.

How to Improve Education System in Pakistan?

Taking into account the flaws of education, it becomes evident that there haven’t been many solid initiatives of improvement towards obtaining any improvements until last few years when some private institutions emerged into the limelight. The history of education shows that there were not many educational facilities available to the Pakistani students who wanted to pursue college education until Punjab Colleges began to operate.

Disadvantages of the education system in Pakistan have always been a point of debate and concern for all who pondered over the process of country’s development. But then who is working on education problems in Pakistan and their solution? Educational problems in Pakistan were and are a subject that needs addressing.

Education System in Pakistan

If we discuss issues like in availability of quality institutions mentioned above, female education in Pakistan has been a major problem resulting in a lesser female literacy rate. Punjab Group has taken great initiatives for girls’ education by offering a secure environment that masses have been able to trust. People not wanting to send their daughters to school or college is one of the problems of education that have existed since the very beginning. The developed areas where people are aware of the changing times and have the understanding of the necessity of women’s education.  Women make the backbone of any country as they up bring its leaders, so to ultimately achieve the education of Pakistan it is mandatory that its mothers are educated.

Development of Education

The development of education is very much a nation building factor which will resultantly affect the country’s development. The problems of female education interfere with the betterment of its future. This hindrance could be catered by improving the education policy of Pakistan. Sadly there aren’t many institutions working on catering to female education. Owing to the expansion of Punjab Group of Colleges a major change in this situation is taking place.

Quality Education

The network started to offer quality education by opening a college. Gradually it began to cater both higher education and early childhood education. Resultantly, Punjab Group of Colleges has improved all levels of education.

The Punjab Group is working towards educating our nation for a prosperous future. Therefore, the network has established educational institutions all over the country. There are currently 390 Punjab College Campuses in 120 cities of Pakistan. Moreover, there are 1038 Allied Schools, 306 EFA Schools, 15 Resource Academia Schools and 3 chartered Universities offering top class education to a major amount of population. Being a 32-year-old legacy of excellence, the network has 460,000 students on roll and 1,340,000 alumni.

Punjab Group of Colleges Efforts

The efforts made by Punjab Group of Colleges towards improving the system of education in Pakistan become evident from the fact that its chains of schools and colleges are operating in different areas of the country. The students now have access to modern teaching aids and quality teaching materials on a majority level.

Chartered Universities

Further, the three chartered Universities: Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi, Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad and the University of Central Punjab in Lahore are all preparing competent professionals for the better growth of national force. These three Universities located in prime cities of the country are well equipped to train students for the job market so that they can contribute effectively to the development of Pakistan.

UCP Lahore

University of Central Punjab in Lahore is a W4 category university offering professional degrees through its 9 distinguished faculties. The degrees programmes are designed to involve various advanced courses that cater to contemporary areas of advancement necessary for the youth to study to cope up with the modern world. Education system at UCP is up to the mark and the degree programmes include specialization in Pharmacy, Management, Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, Business, Biotechnology, Law, Economics, Literature, Linguistics, Psychology, Media, Journalism and other important disciplines.

UCP Facilities

UCP maintains top class facilities and ensures an environment of exposure for the students to be able to work and contribute in the market by gaining good experience in their academic years. There are more than 27 students societies working at the University which provide various platforms to the students that boost their passions and polish their innate skills. Many students at University of Central Punjab find their inner passions to be their dream professions and eventually pursue them as a full time career path due to the support of student societies and career office.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University Karachi

Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi is a top class university awarding degrees in various professional disciplines. The University offers state of the art modern facilities and exposure to the market world which help students develop the skills necessary to utilize in the job market. The faculty of eminent experts serving at top organizations and research facilities are contributing at the University and sharing their knowledge and experience with the students to train them for their future.

Capital University of Science and Technology Islamabad

Capital University of Science and Technology in Islamabad has been operating since 1998 as a campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. However, now it is functioning independently after getting chartered by an act of parliament.  The University is offering degrees through Departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Management and Social Sciences. Capital University maintains a vast campus with a modern infrastructure, advanced facilities and fully equipped labs.

Capital University has an advanced curriculum which is ensured to keep in-lines with the changing times. The programmes are tailored not only for the popular market but also for the real need of our country’s economic and manpower development. Different types of training programs, seminars and workshops are entertained at the University to support an interactive environment where students engage and indulge in activities that would prepare them to lead in the future. There are many research projects being conducted at the University with the support of private and public organizations. The University has many experienced researchers as faculty members that are supervising the students to enable them to invent, innovate and inspire with their skills.

Hence, overall scenario of education in Pakistan has been improving and is on its way to betterment due to the efforts made by private organizations like Punjab Group of Colleges that has not only made educational facilities accessible but also maintained a quality of excellence and ensured a well monitored system which can be trusted by the people.

Education in Pakistan & the Role of the Punjab Group

The changing time and the increasing need of advancement in the system of education in Pakistan demands more and more attention towards the educational programmes available in the country. With that being said, it is still evident that the country suffers from having reasonable amount of educational resources distributed among all its areas. Pakistan continues to be among developing countries and its literacy rate still is not good enough to pace up the progress of the nation.

Education in Pakistan has always been a responsibility of the education ministry. As per our Constitution, Article 25-A, it is the duty of the state to ensure the availability of free education to the children between 5- 16 years old. Thus, every Pakistani citizen is entitled to free primary and secondary education. However, not all children have the access to quality education institutions where they can afford to go and study. The percentage of out of school children in Pakistan is alarming.

There is a long way to go for the public institutions to fulfill the promise of free education to all Pakistani children. A major portion of the population still does not have the accessibility to the public educational institutes. Although the mutual cooperation of public and private sector may give us a hope that in coming years the education will become more and more accessible to people.

Our country is indeed in a developing state and the future of this nation lies in the hand of the hand of our future generations. The more the man power in the country increases the stronger will our country become. Since the economic condition in the Pakistan shows a dire need of attention. The progress of business, trade and industry is very much at the hands of educated individuals who can lead the country towards growth. Illiteracy in the country and a very low literacy rate surely becomes a great hurdle in the path of our overall development.

It is of foremost importance that we educate our youngster because they are the key to our future. The fate our country lies upon the skilled and competent hands. The only means to the more power is by empowering our youth with the treasure of knowledge.

Education is the only power that we should be equipping our nation with.  It is through education that our people will be able to perform and excel in every walk of life. The international market world is fast paced and actively growing. In this era of globalization the people are connecting and contributing towards the betterment of human life. If our nation starts to excel in performance and if our people become one of the world’s best innovative resources in all fields than nothing would be able to stop us from progressing towards a better and brighter future.

PGC & the Dawn of Change

In 1985 the Punjab College of Commerce was established in Lahore that offered world class commerce education along with other intermediate programs. The college became a huge success due to the number of facilities provided to the students and the multiple scholarships given to the students based on merit. The students showed an excellent performance and the number of achievements began to increase time after time. Due to immense success, encouragement and performance the Punjab Colleges began to spread across the country forming the largest educational network in Pakistan known as the Punjab Group of Colleges.

There was a major lack of good higher education institutes in the country. The students who did manage to get the early education were not able to get an admission into a higher education college because there are very limited government colleges and before Punjab Colleges began operating there were only one or two private colleges functioning.


The Punjab Group once established started striving towards excellence in education. The network has been expanding educational horizons not only on intermediate level but is also ensuring early childhood Education in Pakistan to the PhD level quality education. Punjab Group of Colleges is putting all its efforts to achieve is mission of making education accessible in Pakistan with the aim of educating our nation for a prosperous future.

Over the last few decades The Punjab Group has successfully emerged as the Largest Educational Network in Pakistan. It is not only the presence of 390 Punjab Colleges all across the country but also the chains of 1038 Allied Schools, 306 EFA Schools, 15 Resource Academia Schools and 3 chartered universities running in different areas of the country that make Punjab Group of Colleges the most extensive educational network working in the country.

Until now PGC has successfully empowered its 1340,000 Alumni with the strength of world class education. With 460,000 students on the roll, there are more than 13663 students of Punjab Colleges currently enrolled in medical institutions, more than 17244 enrolled in engineering institutions while 108038 students studying in other professional institutes to become our workforce in near future. Moreover, the current workforce in Pakistan constitutes a major amount of PGC Alumni.

Punjab Colleges

Punjab Colleges were founded to provide intermediate education to the youngsters. The first college was Punjab College of Commerce in Lahore that was famously known as PCC. One single college led to a story greater than anyone had anticipated and turned into the countrywide known story of glory.

Today there are currently 390 Punjab Colleges functioning in more than a 100 cities of Pakistan. The colleges integrate world class facilities into their educational system, thereby offering high quality advanced teaching environment. There are top notch educational programs now available in far off areas of the country due to the foundation of Punjab College Campuses.

Punjab Colleges implement the modern teaching system that promotes practical based learning through the state of the art labs maintained at the institutes. The academic calendar includes many recreational activities carried out through a number of student societies actively working at the campuses. These societies work to encourage students to engage and participate in the various competitions to be able to explore and polish their hidden talents and potentials. Many students have been able to live their dreams by giving flight to their passions and turning them into their professions through these student societies.

A great number of PGC students became internationally recognized leading stars of Pakistan on various platforms. Students are given opportunities to make their mark not only in academics but also in other various fields. The platform that Punjab Colleges provide their students has a tradition of maintaining the record of excellence for the past many years. Sports teams of Punjab Colleges have been clinching Sports General Trophies of all Punjab Boards for many years consecutively. With the excellent academic results where students manage to achieve a majority of top positions every year, the Punjab Colleges also excel at competing in all fields.

Punjab Group of Colleges has been able to provide a safe and secure environment for the female students and have given them equal opportunities to excel in different areas of interest. Thus, there have been a great contribution of the network in reducing the gender disparity when it comes to literacy in Pakistan. Female education in Pakistan still being neglected. There is a major concern of Pakistani parents while sending their female child to pursue higher education that is of their safety and protection. The separate Punjab College Campuses for Boys and Girls, the systemized monitoring, the regular attendance alert sent to parents and the security arrangements have been able to offer the parents the satisfaction they need when it comes to girls education in Pakistan.

The situation of women’s education in Pakistan can be improved when the gender discrimination in the society can be dealt with. For the Pakistan to be a progressive nation it is important to empower the women and to provide them with the equal opportunities.

Schools by Punjab Group

The inaccessibility of education in Pakistan is a grave issue which causes a major hindrance in achieving the desired literacy rate. Assuring the access to education in far off areas of the country with the assurance of its quality is a serious issue. The schools that the children do manage to reach do not have the required facilities and their quality of education is also not adequate.

The ratio of out of school children in Pakistan is very alarming. The percentage of the children completing primary education is not enough for a very positive improvement of the situation of literacy in the country. Although the primary education in the country is said to be free for the children in the country, the educational resources that do manage to reach the children are below standard. The teachers in those schools are not trained, the facilities are not proper, the curriculum is obsolete and the teaching methods are nonproductive.

The teacher education in Pakistan is another subject of concern. The teacher teaching in the students in less developed areas are not properly trained. These teachers lack the apt knowledge of cognitive and intellectual upbringing of the children. The quality teaching is not possible without the quality education provided to the teachers themselves. It is a grave issue that the teachers in the schools are not proficient in performing the task of preparing are children to lead our future.

However, the Punjab Group has made a major contribution to remedy this situation.  There are currently 1038 Allied Schools working in the country to offer high quality early childhood education in Pakistan. These schools have managed to reach out to the children in the far off neglected areas of the country and have broadened the prospects of literacy.

Furthermore, there are 306 EFA schools running with the mission to ensure “Education For All”. This initiative by Punjab Group is changing the lives of many as these schools are working to support children to pursue education without any financial hindrance. These schools promote the cause of “No Child Left Behind”, that means they are being operated to serve a larger community with an affordable fee structure. Other than that there are 15 Resource Academia Schools which are offering Cambridge education to the children.

The technology integrated classroom at the schools pave way to innovation and creativity among the young minds. Quality of education at all the schools run by The Punjab Group is of excellent standard with the state of the art facilities. The changing trends and the advancement of technology has changed the education system worldwide. This is an era of digitization and today’s world is very much technology centered.

Education in Pakistan improved to a great extent in the past few years. There has been a major improvement to the system of teaching and learning. Different programmes have been launched to promote the skill building among masses. The distance education programmes have also proved to be very helpful in this regard.

The education level in Pakistan is improving everyday with the changing social environment and the fast spreading awareness among masses about the importance of education. The increasing number of schools have made education accessible to the children. The trend of online education in Pakistan has also paved the way to betterment since such programmes have expanded the reach of education to a much greater extent.

Online education in Pakistan is in itself a great change that can lead the nation towards a much better literacy situation. The trend of online education is also advancing every day and has taken the new shape in form of educational apps. The e-Learning systems have already set the new trend in the education system. Punjab Group of Colleges has been offering comprehensive e-learning resources to the students for a very long time. Now ever since the smartphones became popular they have paved the way for all kinds of smartphone apps. Educational Apps have become a modern teaching and learning method. Thus, the Punjab Group has also become one of the first educational network to introduce educational mobile apps in Pakistan.

EL by PGC is revolutionizing the education system in Pakistan by touching the lives of millions of students. This mobile app constitutes the educational resources which benefit the students to a great extent along with its ability to allow them to practice and test whatever they have learned while sitting anywhere at any time.

Education in Pakistan

In Pakistan the issue of improvement in the education system is of great significance. The system needs proper attention and the collaboration of both private and public institutions to collectively lead the nation towards prosperity. The impeccable improvements made by the private sector that is now leading the education in Pakistan to a much brighter direction, the public sector needs to support these improvements by offering the complete support and partnership. The inculcation of positivity among the youth is very much crucial in this regard. The students should have a positive attitude and a confidence in their educational system to be able to study with the zeal that is required of them. The quality assurance and the effectiveness of the teaching and learning system must also become a priority in our schools to ensure that every child must attain a minimum of primary level of education without hindrance.

It is a responsibility of all of us to work together to contribute towards the change in the education system of the country and to become a better and a literate nation. The change starts with each and every individual that vows to be productive and to participate in the pursuit of knowledge. Pakistan is in the need to become an educationally empowered nation at all levels. It is with the collective efforts done by the nation that this country can hope to achieve the desired status of a developed Pakistan on international level.

PGC Stands Against Smog

Smog is a very serious atmospheric condition in Pakistan that is causing major disruptions in the quality of life.

What is Smog?

Smog is a form of air pollution. It occurs when the smoke mixes with the fog in the atmosphere. The industrialization and the burning of coal in large amounts causes the resultant smoke to get mixed with sulfur dioxide in the air which forms Smog.

In Pakistan, Smog has become a recurring problem every year. Many areas get badly affected by the pollutant air. It is a great threat to our people. The seriousness of this issue is alarming to the extent that it imposes a major threat on human health.

The ozone level coming down, the mixing of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide altogether makes the air very harmful to breathe. This atmospheric condition is threatening for senior citizens, for children and people with the heart, throat, lungs, breathing, and nasal problems. The patients with bronchitis, asthma and emphysema can be severely affected by Smog.

Smog can cause inflammation in the breathing and even the passages of the mouth. It can decrease the working capacity of lungs resulting in the shortage of breath. The pain can also occur while inhaling deeply and there can be wheezing. Many people may get cough due such kind of pollution.

The most common problems caused by the Smog is the irritation in the eyes and blurring out the atmosphere to an extent that the vision gets disturbed. People with the best eye sight cannot see their surroundings clearly. Even perfectly healthy people can be badly affected by such pollution. Nose irritation can be one of the effects including dryness of the inner membranes of nose and the throat. It can damage the body’s immune system and make the human’s more prone to infections.

PGC Takes Measures To Spread Awareness On Smog Control:

The alarming amounts of Smog that had gathered in our environment called for some serious measures for protection against Smog. The recent situation of Smog has shed the light on the undeniable effects of pollution on human health.

effects of pollution on humans

Health and Education go Hand in Hand!

Education cannot be imparted to the unhealthy, uneasy, sickness stricken, ill children. The education itself is important but the attention needed on health education is also very significant. The health and education share are very strong relationship since the one is codependent on the other.

Looking at the grave effects of smog and a dire need of some serious steps to be taken for protection against Smog, Punjab Group of Colleges, the largest educational network in Pakistan took the responsibility of spreading awareness among masses regarding the threat that is Smog.

“Your health is the key to our future”, is the slogan that PGC raised a year ago when the network started its water safety awareness campaign. Maintaining its culture of care the Punjab Group continues to shed emphasis on health education and promotion of safety.

PGC is the most widely spread educational network where a majority of youth is getting education nationwide. Understanding the nature of national environmental crisis, PGC having the maximum reach took to uphold its rich culture proving its famous slogan “#BecauseWeCare”.

The network insists that along with academic teaching health education should also be imparted to spread the much needed awareness among public.

Plant Pakistan Plant & Protection Against Smog!

To take control and for the protection against Smog in the future to avoid it in the years to come, PGC has taken a very effective step. The campaign launched by the Punjab Group of Colleges is called Plant Pakistan Plant which is a very thoughtful and fruitful cause since it has futuristic vision to it.

What is Plant Pakistan Plant?

Punjab Group of Colleges has begun a wave of change. This initiative is intended to spread awareness and to make Pakistan a greener country by 2018.

  • Plant Pakistan Plant is a promise of planting 25 lac trees made by 500,000 PGC students by the year 2018.
  • The campaign aims to inspire the people across the country through active participation of the youth studying at 390 Punjab College Campuses in 120 cities of Pakistan.
  • PGC aims to evoke the general public to act for protection against Smog by highlighting the effects of air pollution in points made on their social media campaign.
  • The campaign includes a series of seminars that have been conducted regarding health care tips for the fight against Smog.
  • The wellness tips have been shared by renowned speakers to help students adopt better habits and make them see how easily they can stay healthy by using these daily health tips.
  • Plant Pakistan Plant emphasizes that Smog control is important because it is badly affecting human lives.
  • The campaign puts the seriousness of badly influencing causes of Smog into question.
  • Environment of Pakistan is not immune to the impact of air pollution such as Smog. It is important that we take serious action to control this situation. Planting more and more is the most simple and the most effective step to save our environment.
  • Use of face mask for air pollution for protection against Smog is also very effective yet how long cab people resort to such safety measures without taking any meaningful action to remedy the situation.
  • Indeed it is recommended to put on the masks to protect against air pollution until a sufficient amount of trees is planted and are grown to be effective to make the air pollution free.
  • The Effects of Pollution on Humans are not limited to bodily health but also include safety hazards such as road accidents that take place when the atmosphere gets blurred and the visual appearance of the surrounding objects cannot be clearly seen. The campaign points out this situation in a very creative way through colorful images.
  • Plant Pakistan Plant is a social action campaign as PGC stands against smog to fight air pollution and its effects on our lives.

To plant is to go green and to go green to love your motherland Pakistan. As each tree is planted and nourished with hope to achieve a greener, safer and healthier nation, let us hope that it will nurture a brighter, cleaner and a more united Pakistan with a determination towards excellence.